What People Are Saying

“I’m so excited that the golf course will remain open green space and that it, HB’s and the Beach Bar, and other public spaces will continue to be enjoyed by this community. I support the plan and the choice of The Athens Group.”

— Lavern Gaynor

“It is a very good plan. It is a plan that respects the community by preserving the valuable green space of the golf course. Their plan will enhance the neighborhood with additional landscaping, and it will be friendlier to walkers out enjoying the beauty of the water and the property.”

— Garrett Richter

“We add our support to the redevelopment plan proposed by the Athens Group. Retaining quality hospitality services in downtown Naples, preserving the golf course open space, calming traffic and beautifying the adjacent Gulf Shore Boulevard segment are key concepts recognized for years as being in the community interest.”

— Pat & Ray Carroll

“When first learning of the proposed sale of this property, I was extremely concerned as to what might result, particularly the possibility of the golf course being sacrificed for more building. The proposed redevelopment plan by The Athens Group was a welcome relief. Replacing the hotel, keeping the facilities like the Beach Bar and HB’s open to the public, keeping the golf course intact, etc., was much more than I had hoped for.”

— James A Bonaquist, Jr.

“While the historical character, charm and hospitality of the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club will be missed, the proposed redevelopment project exhibits sensitivities to the history of the property as well as the Naples quality of life long-time and new residents have come to expect …and more importantly, it preserves the golf course as green space within the City of Naples.”

— Michele Lenhard

“The retention of the open space currently occupied by the golf course in perpetuity for my current enjoyment, my children and my grandchildren, can only be described as fantastic. What a gift to the future of Naples.”

— Richard Jensen

“Despite being initially concerned about this proposed plan (we had NIMBY syndrome), my wife Deborah and I are VERY SUPPORTIVE of the project. It will be great for us – the residents of Naples!”

— Bruce Duncan

“This plan reflects the Watkins’ past dedication to preserving and enhancing the most significant green space in the City of Naples. I live very close to where the new vision will rise from the ground. I am excited to see the project reach its exciting conclusion.”

— Tom Campbell

“The Watkins have always gone to great pains to do what is best for our city, our community, and our environment. They decided to sell the hotel only after an agreement which guarantees a world-class resort that will retain the beach access, HB’s, Sunset Beach Bar, the golf course, and tennis courts. For generations the Watkins have been intentional in serving and bettering our community. This sale and redevelopment plan continue that legacy.”

— Bill Kramer

“Do we wish that the Watkins family would retain ownership forever? Knowing what this family has done for the community over the years, who would not? But that is a dream and what they offer Naples today is a plan that will preserve and improve what is best about this jewel of a property, making it a premier resort destination.”

— Kate and John Henry

“As concerned and responsible Naples residents, we have been following closely the proposed redevelopment plan for the hotel and golf course property, for it has been a significant landmark and will continue to have a major course of impact and influence on the future of our town. We have been very pleased by the selection of the Athens Group, and their plan for maintaining their wonderful tradition of hospitality, preserving in perpetuity the open golf course, and keeping traffic under control …the Watkins family are once again showing their vision and respect for our community with this well-balanced, organic, ambitious and respectful project.”

— Lysielle and Jacques Cariot