The Watkins Family

“The legacy of the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club rests in the most capable hands”

Since 1946, the Watkins family has been synonymous with the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club, with family members owning and managing the property for over three generations.

After an extensive review of prospective new owners, the Watkins family chose to form a strategic partnership with The Athens Group for the redevelopment of this property because of Athens’ sensitivity to and appreciation of the Watkins’ desire to find the best plan for their legacy, the property and the community. Athens took the time and effort to learn about the family’s history and traditions, as well as the importance of the resort to the Naples community, and committed to respecting and enhancing the Watkins’ heritage as they transform the property for the future.

The Watkins family is confident that The Athens Group will be a wonderful addition to Naples and that the legacy of the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club is in the most capable and talented hands.